Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Shoe Shine System Works?

It’s quite simple and very cleverly thought out. All our units come with 4 components: 

  • Induction motor
  • Pre-clean brush to remove soil
  • Polish dispenser
  • Polishing brushes (Light and Dark)

Once the motor is activated the first step is to pre-clean your shoes to remove dirt, stone and other soil that may scratch your shoes. The pre-brushes are harder than the polishing brushes and are made with 100% horse hair – the only exception being the Easy Comfort unit which comes with nylon brushes. 

The second step is applying the liquid polish. A unique ball valve similar to a ball point pen dispenses polish – you just lift the tip of your shoes against to valve to release the polish and smear around the shoe. It’s simple and easy. 

The third step is polishing your shoes using the woollen brushes to give your shoes that special sparkle and shine. Just place your shoes lightly against the woollen brushes to give it that final shine.

Why are there two polishing brushes?

It’s simple; we all wear different coloured shoes so there’s a polishing brush for dark coloured shoes and one for lighter coloured shoes.

Does it come with shoe polisher?
Each unit does not come with any shoe polish, however this can be ordered when you order your system. Only neutral shoe polish is available which is perfect for all coloured shoes.

Liquid polish (neutral) is available in 1 Litre bottle that will last over 1,000 shines.

Where are these units used?
Our systems originated in Germany and are used around the world; however they are extremely popular in hotels, offices, clubs and home (particularly CEO, Managers, professionals, consultants and sales people).

If you’ve visited Europe and shined your shoes you would have used one of our machines. Most people who care about their appearances know that shiny shoes make a big difference to their appearance and success.

What is the warranty for these machines?
Our shoe shine machine comes with 3 years warranty which is a testament to German quality. The only exception is the Easy Comfort unit which come with 12 months warranty.
Why is there only 12 months warranty with the Easy Comfort?
The Easy Comfort is built for home and not commercial use (24/7). It has a smaller motor, nylon brushes and a lighter pressed steel casing.
Will your system work on all shoes?
No, it is not suitable for open shoes such as thongs, sandals or non-leather shoes such as sport shoes or suede shoes.

It is perfect for new leather shoes or shoes in good condition.

What’s so good about this system compared to a wax and brush?
Our system contains everything you need to polish your shoes – the pre-clean brush, the liquid polish, the polishing brush and most of all the convenience. I can guarantee that you’ll shine you shoes more regularly because it’s quick, simple and hands free.
I’ve looked at your website and noticed you have other models available?
Yes – We only stock a few models, however for models we don’t stock – I’ll take 3 weeks for delivery.
Can you use this as gift?
Yes, our machine makes the perfect present whether it be Christmas, birthday or any special celebrations. One comment we got back was – This is the perfect present for someone who has everything!

It’s also perfect as a corporate gift

How can I use your system to attract customers to my business?
People love their shoes being shined and once they use our system, they come back again and again.

Using our system is not only low in costs (0.04 cents per shine), it provides low cost value added benefit to your customers and clients. It’s perfect for trade shows, corporate events, restaurants, clubs, retail stores and more.

Can I rent the unit?
Yes – we have a rental option, however this is only available in Sydney metropolitan areas and only available to businesses with an ABN. Minimum rental agreement is 12 months.
What’s so good about the rental option?
The rental option is perfect for offices, hotels and clubs as it includes rental of the machine, full maintenance, unlimited liquid polish and a full clean (brushes and exterior) every 6 weeks.

That’s right we’ll come to your office, hotel and club to clean your machine, top-up with polish so that’s in perfect order all the time. And if there’s any problem give us a call and within 24 hours we’ll fix it.

As a business you can claim this as an expense so it makes the perfect choice for your business.

Rental option applies only to the Cosmo, Cosmo plus and Ellipse models and starts from $79.95 + GST per month. Available only in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Minimum rental is 12 months.

What is the cost of the units?
Our machine starts from only $585.00 (includes shipping and GST) for the Easy Comfort model so it’s affordable. However for the full price list, please contact us on 1300 628 104 or e-mail us on
How do I order?
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