“Having a tight travel schedule always results in checking in to hotels late in the evening, making it difficult to put my shoes in for a shine prior to early morning meetings the next day. I recently came across the Heute shoeshine machine at a hotel in Paris. Every morning there would be a queue of people waiting to shine their shoes. I was so impressed with the shoeshine machine provided by the hotel, that upon arriving back in Sydney I looked up Heute and found that it was being supplied by FMCG Industry Solutions in Australia. We arranged to purchase the Cosmo Plus which has now been installed at our office.

Whilst we are a relatively small company of 16 people, the shoeshine machine is our office’s version of the water cooler. Apart from providing a meeting point for staff, it provides a quick and excellent shoeshine. The sales and after sales support by David at FMCG Industry Solutions was excellent and I would recommend dealing with David not only for his shoeshine machines but also for the other products he distributes in the Australian market.”

Managing Director

Sydney, NSW

” Hi David, A note of thanks for the Shoe Shine Machine installed in our office.  
Each day people use it to clean their shoes because it is so easy and fast, just like you said. 
I never used to shine my shoes because it was too hard and I am lazy but now I have no excuse.”

Louis Petrin

General Manager


Hi David, we are extremely happy with our new Shoe Shine machine and in sales, the
image you project to your clients is just as important as your products. All
our staff now have professional shiny shoes to add to the image we want to
give our customers and has removed a tiresome chore that was delayed far too
long in the past.

Trevor Warren

General Manager


Dear David, the shoe shine machine has been very popular amongst our members.

Royal Canberra Golf Club

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